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Dry Treat Rejuvenata Spray

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Front View - Dry Treat Rejuvenata Spray

Countertop Cleaner and Protector Works on Stainless Steel 

Rejuvenata™ is a gentle daily cleaner for natural and engineered stone countertops. It contains an invisible sealer to enhance protection and make surfaces easier to clean.

Typical Applications:  

Rejuvenata™ for COUNTERTOPS is recommended for daily cleaning of natural stone, engineered stone, lacquered timber, stainless steel, laminate and polished concrete countertops.


  • Rejuvenata™ for COUNTERTOPS contains invisible sealer to enhance protection and make surfaces easier to clean.
  • Water-based, ultra low VOC
  • PFOA and PFOS free

How to use

  1. First remove all loose dust and dirt from the surface.
  2. Generously apply Rejuvenata™ to surface.
  3. Lightly polish with a soft, absorbent lint-free cloth or paper towel to remove excess.
  4. Repeat for heavily soiled areas.
  5. We recommend sealing stone countertops with STAIN-PROOF Original™ or META CREME™.

Advanced tips:

  1. Applying multiple applications of Rejuvenata™ will over time make the surface stain repellent.
  2. Rejuvenata™ qualifies for LEED 2009 IEQ Credit 3.3: Green Cleaning - Purchase of Sustainable Cleaning Products and Materials 1 Point.


  1. Do not take internally.
  2. Apply when surface temperature is between 40 – 95 °F (5 – 35 °C).
  3. Protect surrounding areas from product contact.
  4. Wash hands thoroughly after applying.


Pack Size:
16 fl. oz. Plastic Spray
Natural stone, Engineered stone, Lacquered timber, Stainless steel, Laminate and polished concrete