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Eclipse II

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Diamond Blade for general purpose use on common building materials such as masonry, concrete, and tile 

Alpha® Eclipse II is ideal for general purpose use on common building materials such as masonry, concrete and tile. Alpha® Eclipse II fits on most of the angle grinders and wet stone cutters commonly found in the stone and construction industries. Similar in design to Alpha® Plus, Alpha® Eclipse II is versatile and will cut tile, brick, block, concrete, slate and natural stone accurately and cleanly. Tile installers, masons and general contractors will find Alpha® Eclipse II proven to be a reliable blade that will meet the challenges of cutting modern building products. Alpha® Eclipse II is cost-effective, long lasting and provides consistent results without chipping. Alpha® Eclipse II has no equal when comparing price to performance.

  •  Recommended for Hard Concrete
  • 8mm tall Diamond Layer for a Long Life
  • Perfect for your Stone Tile Application
  • High-End General Purpose Turbo Blade for Stone Fabricators
  • Consistent Performance without Chipping


Part No.SizeThicknessMaximum RPMArbor(s)For Use OnMSRP$
DEE004 4" 2.1mm 14,500 20mm, 5/8" Stone Cutter/Angle Grinder 33.48
DEE045 4-1/2" 2.1mm 13,200 7/8", 20mm Stone Cutter/Angle Grinder 39.69
DEE005 5" 2.1mm 12,200 7/8" Stone Cutter/Angle Grinder 44.89
DEE006 6" 2.1mm 10,100 7/8", 5/8",◊ Stone Cutter/Angle Grinder 59.33
DEE007 7" 2.3mm 8,400 5/8",◊ Worm Drive 62.43
DEE008 8" 2.3mm 7,400 5/8",◊ Worm Drive 87.48

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