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Ecogaurd Type W5

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Ecogaurd Type W5

 Dust Shroud For Angle Grinder

 Alpha® has expanded its Ecoguard line for cutting applications to include a dust collection cover for wider blades. Introducing the Ecoguard Type W5. Unlike the Ecoguard Type C which uses a supplied dust collection bag, the Ecoguard Type W5 must be used with a vacuum, or other dust collection system, to successfully collect the dust and larger particles derived from using wider kerf diamond blades such as the Alpha® Tuck Pointing or Crack Chasing blades. The Ecoguard Type W5 includes three unique features. First is the ability to easily adjust the cutting depth by using a simple wing nut operation. The second is the nose guide that indicates the cut line and the third is the ability to view inside the cover, while cutting, due to the clear polycarbonate material construction. This feature is quite useful during Tuck Pointing applications. Additional connectors have been added to accommodate even more grinders.

  • Designed for Collecting Dust/Debris When Using A High-Speed Angle Grinder
  • Perfect for Tuckpointing and Crack Chasing
  • Accepts Up To 5” Diameter Blades
  • Rugged Construction for Heavy-Duty Applications
  • Straight Precise Cuts Using Support Base
  • Clear Cover for Better Visibility
  • Easy Installation and Blade Changes
  • Fits On Selected 4-1/2” and 5” High-Speed Angle Grinders
  • Adjustable Cutting Depth
  • Must Be Used with A Vacuum


Part No.SizeDescriptionMSRP$
ECOGRDW5 5" Ecoguard Dust Collection Cover Type W5 107.85
500026 18" Flexible Connector Hose (1-1/2" Tapered-2-1/4") 16.00
500073 54" Flexible Connector Hose (1-1/2" Tapered-2-1/4") 18.95
ECOW5KIT 5" Ecoguard W5 & 18" Connector Hose Kit 111.50

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