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Flex MS 1706 FR Wall Chaser

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Side View | Flex MS 1706 FR Wall Chaser

Flex Wall Chaser Saw

The unique rotating motor system allows the machine to be used for pull cutting for vertical slots, and push cutting for horizontal slots. Now wall chasing for the laying of cables or conduits is childs play. Cuts two parallel slits up to 35 mm deep and 30 mm wide.


  • FLEX four-fold FR electronic control: with consistent speed control by tachometer generator, soft start, overload protection and temperature monitoring
  • Rotating motor allows for push and pull cutting
  • Optimal dust extraction and maximum safety due to enclosed guard
  • Toolless blade changing and slit width adjustment
  • Rotating adaptor for dust extractor
  • Adjustable cutting depth
  • Plunge cut stop
  • Quality shut-off carbon brushes: if the carbon brushes wear down, the motor will be automatically switched off and thus protected from damage
  • Complete kit: with plastic carrying case and 2 Diamond Jet VI
  • Speedcut discs for rapid cutting of masonry, limestone, concrete and porous concrete
Cutting depth: 0-35 mm
Groove width: 10-30 mm
Disc: 140 mm
Speed without load: 7500 RPM
Power Input: 1400 watts
Power output 950 watts
Tool fixture 5/8-11
Weight 8.15lbs

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