Diamabrush Mastic Coating Removal Tool

  • Model: 921201202
  • Manufactured by: Malish

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Diamabrush Mastic Coating Removal Tool, Mastic Remover Tool


The Diamabrush™ Coating Removal Tool is designed to remove stubborn coatings from concrete such as coating, carpet or tile adhesive, thin-set and thin mil coatings like urethane or paint. No need to waste time and money on heavy grinding equipment or harmful chemicals. This diverse mastic remover tool, which mounts to any standard floor buffer or auto scrubber, uses diamond coated blades to grind tough coatings away! 


User safety is greatly enhanced since dangerous and volatile chemicals are not required. Simply apply water to eliminate dust and to flush debris away. 


Safely prepare concrete floor for resurfacing quickly and efficiently with the Diamabrush Coating Removal tool. 

► 25 Grit

► 10 times faster than manually scraping

► Limited surface contact during use

► Rigid, exposed diamond cutting surface creates a level floor with normal use

► No need for heavy, expensive and hard-to-use grinding equipment that often requires 480 3-phase power

► Designed to fit a wide variety of rotary floor machines

► Features replaceable diamond blades

CCW = Counter Clock Wise 

CW = Clock Wise 

Please call us to order replacement blades

Replacement blades available in 5 pack , 6 pack, 8 pack and 10 pack. 


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