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Try one of our easily maneurvered industrial vacuum cleaners and dust extractors today. Each one of our dust extractors has special features that make it powerful and easy to use. With large capacity waste containers, these machines are highly durable and will pick up an immense amount of volume.

Our HEPA Vacuums have special features such as variable speeds for suction, large extension cords when working with a large area, an easy, no-bag container, and much more! Our dust collectors are ideal for suctioning water pick up and are easily transported.

Please take a look at our selection of dust collection systems and vacuum/extractors from leading brands such as Pacific Floorcare, Koblenz, HTC and Universal Polishing. Contact 1-800-342-3876 if you have any further questions.  The shop vacs are HEPA certified and available now. 


Dia Plus Free Maxima

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