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Floor Grinders

Diamond Tool Store offers Floor Grinders for grinding and polishing floors.  These Floor Grinding Machines are typically heavier and more aggressive than Floor Polishers.  They are used to grind several types of floors, but mainly used on concrete.  The Floor Grinder is used to grind down the concrete, remove coatings, and polish the substrate.  Grinders can be used in different types application depending what type of tooling is being used.  Please see our Grinding Concrete Section, All Polishing Section, and our Floor Pads/Diamond Tooling for a closer look at some of our diamond tooling


We offer different Concrete Grinders for different size and type jobs.  Our Concrete Floor Grinders include single, double, triple, and quadruple heads.   Our Concrete Grinding Machines include name brands HTC, Bartell Global, Hawk, MK Diamond, Levetec, and House Branded Machines.  Some fan favorites are the HTC Duratiq 8, Predator 32NDX, and XY-Q3 Floor Grinder.  Floor Grinders create a lot of dust especially when dry grinding so visit our Vacuum/Dust Extractor Section to help keep up with OSHA Regulation and the Environment safe.