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Golz KB200 Core Drilling Machine

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Golz KB200 Core Drilling Machine

Specially designed for taking core samples from roads or installing barrier posts and different kind of bollards

Due to it´s compact design and the complete package, the KB 200 is easy to use for:

  • Core sampling in asphalt and concrete pavements
  • Coring out of gate valves
  • Coring to place barrier posts or different types of bollards
  • Coring for airfield lightning
  • Coring to place crash barriers or fences
  • Travel length: 24″ (600 mm)
  • Twin column drill stand with road bases and roller guides
  • Pressurized 10 liter water tank
  • Exhaust gas hose, 4 m
  • Tool- and fastening kit included
  • Total weight with Stihl engine: 116lbs (53 kg)

The KB200 drill stand is also available with electric- or air motor.



KB200 – STIHL 2-stroke-engine
Motor STIHL 2-stroke-engine
Power 2,8 kW (3,8 PS)
RPM 600 min-1
Drilling Diameter Ø 4.25″ (110) – 11″ (280 mm)
Drill bit connection 1 1/4″ Thread
Water connection Gardena
Order number 0295 202 2000