Gorilla Concrete Tools

Gorilla Concrete Tools

Gorilla Concrete Tools-Concrete Saw, Joint Saw, Crack Chaser


Unlike other manufactures Gorilla Concrete doesn't offer varying levels of construction with our concrete saws. While they do offer different models, the construction quality is very consistent. It all starts with a design that revolves around excellent dust control. All saws have a main frame that is a 1/4 inch in thickness and powder coated with an industrial grade finish. The wheels and casters are high quality with sealed precision bearings. The handle and grip assemblies are completely welded to give the concrete saw a very ridged feel when in operation. Gorilla Concrete's control box is made of 14 gauge steel and uses only 12-3 wiring. Because they power our saws with commercial grade Makita motor heads that are run by a standard 120 volt power supply your maintenance cost will be significantly reduced over a gas powered unit.


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