HP Spartacote



HP Spartacote-Garage Floor Coatings, Polyaspartic, Concrete Coatings


HP Sparacote is a polyaspartic floor coating.  The garage floor coating is trusted by home owners and business throughout the country.  Spartacote is a concrete coating that can be applied to garage floors, driveways, aerospace, raceways, hospitals, nursing homes, industrial flooring, residential flooring, and more.  Can be applied to concrete and wood.  

HP Spartacote has several floor coatings systems.  The main systems include the chip or flake, guard, metallic, quartz, micro chip, and concrete stain.  These floor systems are considered one of the best garage floor coatings. 

HP Spartacote polyaspartic concrete floor coating materials are manufactured in the USA using formulas that have been patented for their unique performance characteristics. These polyaspartic concrete coatings offer contractors industry leading working time and consistency while providing owners with long-lasting durable finishes, engineered to withstand the harshest of environments.

HP Spartacote is a product brand of Laticrete International


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