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HTC 80 iD II Dust Extractor

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HTC 80 iD II Dust Extractor

HTC 80 ID Dust Exctractor Vacuum for collecting dust when grinding floors


HTC’s flagship dust extractor, HTC 80 iD II has been given a thorough update on eight different points. Details that may seem small but which are important for the user both ergonomically and economically. HTC 80 iD II is a top class dust extractor for professional flooring contractors who demand only the best.

This new dust extractor will improve your efficiency with up to 15% compared to a traditional solution. The HTC 80 iD II is equipped with a high performance integrated pre-separator that removes up to 95% of the dust and increase filter lifetime.

The HTC 80 iD II can be used in various ways depending on your setup. For maximum efficiency and output we recommend a remote controlled grinder. If you use a traditional grinder without remote control you can still benefit from the double Longopac® or make use of the optional remote control to turn on & off the dust extractor from a distance.

The improvements

New ”duck bill” valves
Empties the bags more efficiently. No hatches that can rip the collection bag.

Bypass valve for continuous operation
Now with ergonomic slide function. More efficient emptying of the bag. Larger air hole and tighter construction.

Integrated pre-separator
30% increased dust volume.

Easy access power plugs
Power plugs moved to the side of the machine for easy access.

New hoses
More flexible and durable hoses for easy operation.

New locking mechanism
More stable locking mechanism on the

Welded filter seams
Welded filter seams prevent dust leakage.

Filter cleaning valve improved
Improved handle with slide function.



Name HTC 80 iD II (US) HTC 80 iD II
Article Number 113739 113822
Length 46 inch 46 inch
Width 32 inch 32 inch
Height 68/71 inch 68/71 inch
Weight 700 lbs 600 lbs
Motor output 11,5 hp 7,5 kW
Power consumption 17,3 A 30 A
Voltage 3 x 460 V 3x230 V
Frequency 50/60 Hz 50/60 Hz
Dust Extraction motors 1 1
Max theoretical airflow 476 cfm 476 cfm