Husky Gantry Bridge Saw

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This is a custom order item. To order, please contact us at 800-342-3876 or message​


The Husky Gantry Bridge Saw by Rye Corp is one of the most trusted saws in the industry 

Package Deal:  Add a 6-pack of 16" Silverback Blades for only $800 more!

--  Precision machined rail and bridge
--  Overall dimensions are 16’ wide, 14’ deep, 9’ tall
--  Heavy duty 6’ x 10’ rotating turntable with hydraulic tilting and positive stops set at 0, 45, 90, and 135 degrees; table can lock in any position
--  Length of Cut: 136"
--  High intensity Laser Light to align material to blade path 
--  Saw Feed: Saddle travels on 12 flanged rollers.
--  Powered variable speed direct drive movement
--  Gantry Movement: Powered on V groove roller with inverter duty 1hp motor
--  Vertical Movement: 16” movement, with adjustable limit switches
--  Main Motor Spindle : 220v, 3 phase direct drive 20 HP VEM Motor 
--  Entire steel frame Epoxy Coated
--  18” diameter blade capacity; 16" blade recommended
--  Miter cut capability - saw motor assembly tilts 45 degrees
--  For Plunge Cut Miter Capability (whole Gantry tilt) add $1,200 
--  Water solenoid automatically turns the water on and off with the spindle motor
--  Convenient control panel with amperage gauge and digital readout
--  Wireless operation remote control with 2 speed 3 axis control, saw motor stop/start, fwd cut maintain - TWO REMOTE CONTROLS INCLUDED
--  Weight of Machine : Approximately 10,000 lbs.
--  Warranty : 12 months on mechanical parts; 6 months on electrical. Warranty starts from the date of delivery. Warranty is for part replacement only, labor and travel expenses are not included.
--  Additional Option: 8 inch touch screen with programmable movement


Customer Requirements for Purchase
  • Forklift (5,000 lb) and crew as necessary to off load, position, and set the machine.
  • Level 6” thick concrete floor adequate to accept the machine. No more than a 3” slope over 20’.
  • All local and regional permits and inspection fees.
  • Fused disconnect 208-230 v, 3 phase, 60 amp circuit. Electrician to connect the service to the machine. Recommend 8/4 SO cord.
  • Clear water 5 gpm with proper drainage.
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