Large Concrete Blades

If you are in need of a high-performance construction blade specifically for your concrete/asphalt/metal jobs, The Diamond Tool Store has got it. We feature highly demanded brands such as MK Diamond and our premium brand, Dia Plus.


We have much to offer our construction blades range from a 12 inch to 30-inch diameter with different arbor sizes that make the blade very versatile. All of our blades only include the highest quality diamonds.


The Diamond Tool Store offers our customers a wide variety of the highest quality diamond blades for multi-purpose use. Each blade has been carefully manufactured with the highest diamond concentration to be as effective as possible.


Clients have tested our large concrete blades, and they rave about the perks of precision chip free cutting, the high diamond concentration, the ability to use in wet and dry cuts.


We carry a variety of blades from turbo concrete blades to large bridge saw blades.


Is your hand saw, stone saw, or concrete saw not performing as well as it used to? Dull blades may be to blame. However, if it's time for a replacement, Diamond Tool Store carries tile saws, bridge saws, and more to keep your business moving forward.


For further assistance, call 1-800-342-3876 to speak with one of our diamond tool professionals.

Dia Plus Array Pattern All Cut Blade

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Dia Plus Free Maxima

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