Large Marble Blades

Diamond Tool Store carries the diamond blades you need to work marble and other soft stones. Our marble blades are perfect for cutting marble counter tops for kitchens counters or beautiful stone flooring. When your blades start to dull, even while working with softer material such as porcelain or marble, it is important to replace the blade. Even with a top-quality rail saw (such as the Blue Ripper Rail Saw) you should let the blade do the cutting. Never force a dull blade to cut through the material forcefully. No matter what manufacturer you are loyal to, we believe that the best blade for cutting marble tile is one that is not worn out.

Our large marble blades start from 12 inches and range all the way up to 18 inches. The different arbor sizes on these blades make them very versatile. Try one of these durable and powerful blades from major manufacturers such as Alpha, Exakt or our premium Dia-Plus brand!

Each of our marble cutting blades use the highest diamond concentration available to be as effective and long lasting as possible. With any of our concrete saws, bridge saws, or stone saws, we ensure that you're getting the best product at the right price.

For further questions, please call one of our diamond tool professionals so they can help you choose the perfect blade for that flawless cut.


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