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Lifting Equipment

Diamond Tool Store offers a wide variety of Lifting Handling Equipment.  The Lifting Equipment includes all types of lifters such as: Carrying Clamps, Cranes, Forklift Booms, Forklift Extensions, Glass Lifters, Horizontal Lifters, Monument Clamps, Paver Lifters, Scissor Clamps, Slab Lifters, Shackles, Spread Bars, Suction Cups, Vacuum Lifters, and more. 


These lifting devices can be used to lift several types of products including stone, granite, concrete, sheet metal, glass, plastic, polished stone, pavers, tile, construction/building material, and much more.  Our lifting equipment comes in all types of shapes and sizes for all types of jobs.  Each Lifter or Clamp has its own lifting capacity, grip range, weight, and dimensions.  Don’t see the Lifting Clamp you need, call today and talk to one of our expert sales representatives they might be able to find a solution or custom made device.