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Vacuum Lifters

Diamond Tool Store offers a huge selection of Vacuum Lifters for almost any job.  Our Vacuum Lifting Devices are for moving and transporting granite, stone, glass, concrete, plastic, sheet metal, non-porous sheet and plate material, polished stone, and heavy material.  These Granite Vacuum Lifters can attach to a forklift boom or a crane


Our Vacuum Lifting Equipment use vacuum suction cups and air technology to get the job done.  Great for large construction jobs, building, stone fabrication, roadwork, slab yards, cemeteries, and more.  Our Vacuum Lifters came in many different shapes, sizes, and lifting capability.  With a different number of pads, pad configurations, sliding pad arm options, horizontal and vertical lifting capability, tilting and rotating options. Some of our more popular vacuum lifters include: Aardwolf 2 Pad Vacuum and 4 Pad Vacuum Lifter, Abaco DVL Glass Lifter, and Woods Vacuum Lifters.  Woods Power Grip Vacuum Lifters are recognized throughout the stone and construction industry.  Need a vacuum lifter and don’t see one that fits your needs, give us a call for a custom built lifter.