Multilift ML8K10T68V1

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Multilift ML8K10T68V1 is designed for moving slabs, concrete blocks, sidewalk pads, precast, rocks, and more

  • 8,000 pound capacity
  • specially engineered pads pivot to match sloped surface
  • adjustable grip range of 10 to 68 inches
  • reverse legs to grab from inside – out 29 to 80 inches


ML8K10T68V1 MULTILIFT – PATENT: 10227217B2

Kenco manufactures the ML8K10T68V1 Multilift to lift and move slabs such as concrete block, sidewalk pads or other precast items. The Kenco Multilift slab lifter will work with any machine with lifting capabilities using a sling and shackle assembly such as our Rigmax. It has an 8,000 pound capacity with specially engineered pads that pivot in all directions to accommodate a sloped surface. This ML8K can grip blocks from the outside 10 to 68 inches wide. The legs can be reversed to grip 29 to 80 inches from inside – out.

The new patent pending design is simple to operate. The legs are positioned just by sliding them to the desired width. The specially engineered pad angle assemblies pivot in all directions to accommodate a sloped surface in any direction. They can also be removed and reversed to grab concrete structures such as culvert boxes from the inside out.

When an adjustable lifting grab is needed, the Kenco Multilift is the attachment you need.

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