Omni Cubed

<center><img align="middle" alt="Omni Cubed" src="../images/manufacturers/omni-cubed.png" style="width: 125px; height: 125px; border-radius: 0px;" title="Omni Cubed" /></center> <h2><strong><span style="font-size:20px;">Omni Cubed, Omnicube, Stone Material Handling Equipment Including Sink Savers, Granite Dollies, Miter Clamps, Vises, and Carrying Clamps</span></strong></h2> <p>Omni Cubed, Inc. is a Northern California based, Christian owned, engineering and design company providing high quality, innovative tooling for the stone fabrication industry. The Omni Cubed team has over thirty years experience in mechanical design, engineering, and machining; and over twenty years experience working in and with stone fabrication companies. Omni Cubed, Inc. specializes in products that provide reductions in time, labor, and money spent on stone fabrication and related processes. Our products are proudly manufactured and assembled in the USA. The Omni Cubed team places excellent customer service as a top priority, as well as being honest and fair in all business transactions. Manufacturer of professional quality stone fabrication and installation tools such as the Lam-Clamp, Sink Hole Saver, Seam Setter VC2, and the Pro-Cart AT1 (the original aluminum all-terrain install cart).</p>


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