PitBull BigDog Hydraulic Stone Chiseler

  • PitBull BigDog Hydraulic Stone Chiseler
  • PitBull BigDog Hydraulic Stone Chiseler
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Stone Chisel by Omega Diamond 

Portable hydraulic stone chiseler, works on almost any stone type - including engineered stone! Capable of up to 3½ inch (8cm) thick laminated stone!


As we looked around for a well designed portable stone chiseler, all we could find were air powered or manual units. So we tested the best available to us; we found that they could not handle engineered stone, or even some common natural stone types! We also noted that they tended to throw chunks of stone at the operator and those nearby when used on very hard stone. This was an unacceptable safety hazard! So we set our engineering team to work, and they gave us the PitBull™ Stone Chisel. But we like options, so we had them go back to the drawing board, and give us a stone shear capable of handling even thicker stone. Not only did they do that, they did one better, and gave us the only shear on the market capable of producing scalloped edges: the PitBull BigDog™ Stone Chiseler.

The PitBull BigDog™ Hydraulic Stone Chisel has a five+ ton rated hydraulic piston providing more than enough power to shear through the hardest of stones. We have tested it on several types of engineered stone, volcanic stone, granite, even marble!*

With the PitBull BigDog™ Hydraulic Stone Chiseler's 3 inch wide teeth you can create a perfect edge by overlapping the bites, or you can turn the machine at an angle and create a ragged "mountainous" look. To help create those perfect straight edges, you can clamp a section of angle aluminum on the slab (perhaps with our powerful suction clamps,) and use the guide pins to keep the PitBull BigDog™ Stone Chiseler in perfect alignment for every bite.

With the modular jaw system we designed for the BigDog Stone Chiseler your options have really opened up: For softer stones, such as marble and limestone, use the Soft-Stone jaw. This jaw is capable of even handling harder stones, so it provides the perfect general-purpose jaw. Use the 1½ inch jaws for really tough stone, such as 4cm slate and 8cm Absolute Black. Use the Scalloping jaw to create a really unique look. Scalloped chiselled edges produced as easy as a straight edge! Use the Reverse Scallop jaw (known as the "arc" jaw,) to scallop the inside of sink holes. You can also use this jaw after the Scalloping jaw to create the Wavy edge!

Technical Specifications of Granite Chisel

  •  Up to 5 TONS of pressure
  •  Full range of 0.4 inch (0.9 cm) to 3.3 inch (8.5 cm) stone thicknesses, including laminated and man-made stone
  •  Hand held
  •  Inexpensive mining-grade carbide teeth
  •  Quick-change jaws
  •  3 inches wide for faster job completion
  •  Breaks all stone types*
  •  Weighs only 18 pounds
  •  Manufactured with PRIDE in the USA!
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Warranty Information

Omega Diamond provides a Limited Warranty to specific tool models, given below, manufactured by Omega Diamond. Please note that this warranty is subject to change without notice. As this warranty is simply a written statement of our longstanding practice, it applies retroactively to all currently warranted customers.

Scope of Warranty

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This warranty also does not cover consequential damages: Omega Diamond cannot be held responsible for downtime or other expenses incurred by the failure, whether for a defect or otherwise, of any of our products.

This warranty is void if the item in question shows signs of abuse or that the tool has not been maintained according to the instructions attached to the tool or the instruction manual published on this site and/or shipped with item.

Customers outside of the United States

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Warranty repair service

We require that all customers call us directly before packaging and shipping their tools to us for repair. This allows us the ability to pre-diagnose the problem and possibly minimize your downtime by providing an in-field fix you can do yourself. It also gives us the chance to advise proper packaging and shipping liability value. While we want to provide all the help we can, we only cover defects in workmanship and materials, as stipulated above. However, our technicians are willing and able to give advice on how to correct or avoid premature or repeated failures.

Please pack the tool in the original or equivalent packaging, being sure to detach all bits and blades. Omega Diamond is not responsible for damages incurred during the shipment process. But we will work with the shipper if damage occurred to an item that was properly packaged.

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Also be sure to clean the tool as well as possible: you may be charged for any extra time we have to take to scrape off all the accumulated grime. Cleaning is not covered under our warranty services!

If we find that the damaged or failed part has resulted from misuse, abuse, neglect, accident, alteration, lack of proper maintenance, or modification/repair performed by an entity other than those authorized by Omega Diamond, you will need to pay for replacement parts, labor charges, and total freight charges.

During the time of the warranty we provide free ground shipping to and from our factory, subject to the above exclusion for factory repairs for out-of-country customers. Customers will be responsible for the extra cost of shipping faster than ground.

Lifetime repair and upgrade services

As a service to our customers, we provide lifetime repair and telephone tech support for all of our customers. The requirements are practically the same as for the warranty repair service, with the change that you are covering shipping both ways and the cost of parts and labor. To keep ourselves honest and as transparent as possible, we will first evaluate and estimate the cost of the repair and ask your permission to continue. Once we've got permission and the repair is done, we will then send you the bill and, after we've received payment, ship the tool back to you.

Also be sure to clean the tool as well as possible: you may be charged for any extra time we have to take to scrape off all the accumulated grime. You will be charged for the extra time it takes us to clean the tool so that it can be analyzed and/or repaired.

Please note that a non-refundable fee of $75 US will be charged to investigate and process a repair. The $75 US nonrefundable fee must be paid in advance and is in addition to the actual cost of repair.

We operate on a continuous improvement model: we are always looking for and finding better ways to make our tools. This means that at times we will change certain assemblies and parts in ways that are not always backward compatible. That said, we will always try to develop an upgrade path such that only a few more parts might need replacement to get your tool back in operation. We are always available to guide or give you pointers over the phone so you can do some upgrades yourself!

Warranty period

The warranty period starts at the date of end-user purchase, whether through distribution or direct. Please be ready to show serial number, if any, and proof of sale to confirm your warranty status.

1 year warranty

The following tool(s) are covered by this warranty for a period of one (1) calendar year from the date of purchase. Please provide serial number and proof of sale.

  • All models of the Blue Ripper Sr Rail Saw
  • All models of the Blue Ripper Jr Rail Saw
  • All models of the Red Ripper Sr Stone Router
  • The PitBull BigDog Hydraulic Stone Chiseler
  • Replacement Blue Ripper Sr 5HP Induction Motor
6 month warranty

The following tool(s) are covered by this warranty for a period of six (6) calendar months from the date of purchase. Please provide serial number and proof of sale.

  • All models of the Blue Ripper Miter Master Rail Saw
  • The Blue Ripper Deep Cut Rail Saw
30-day warranty

The following tool(s) are covered by this warranty for a period of thirty (30) calendar days from the date of purchase. These items do not have a serial number, please provide proof of sale.

  • The Red Ripper Ultralight Stone Router
  • The Eagle Edger Jr Linear Edge Attachment
  • The Red Ripper Arc Saw

Common warranty period

All items listed under the warranty period section are also covered by a 30 day refund, subject to a 15% restocking fee. If there is damage or signs of use, damage and/or usage fees may apply. Shipping and freight charges are nonrefundable. Refunds will be for store credit only - no cash refunds.

Replacement parts, unless explicitly listed in the Warranty period section above, are not covered by warranty from Omega Diamond. If there is a warranty on the item from a 3rd party, please contact the 3rd party for warranty service or replacement.

Motor exclusions

Any model of our tools that uses an off-the-shelf saw or grinder explicitly excludes that part from the warranty. Those 3rd party companies who manufacture those saws and grinders are responsible for their own warranties, if they so choose to supply or honor such. This includes every part supplied by those companies that is used on our equipment, including but not limited to the motor, gearbox, and housings.


If we have your tool for over a period of sixty (60) days and are unable to reach you during that time to authorize the repair process or get payment, or if we receive a tool with no way to identify the owner and it sits for sixty (60) days at our facility, the tool will be considered abandoned and will be claimed as the property of Omega Diamond. After that point, you will have no further rights to the thus “abandoned tool”. Make sure this doesn't happen to you! Put your contact info in the box, call us, answer our calls, do whatever it takes!

Custom work

All custom work, including but not limited to abrasive tooling, blanks, power tools, and equipment, are subject to a minimum 50% deposit in order to process the order. Such orders are non-cancellable and deposits are non-refundable.

Governing Law

Very, very rarely someone is unhappy with the benefits the above gives them. This clause is to specify how these disputes are settled. All of the rights and duties of the parties arising from or relating in any way to the subject matter of this warranty shall be governed, construed, and enforced in accordance with the laws of the State and County of the headquarters of the Manufacturer, without regard to its conflict of laws rules, excepting those conflict of laws rules that govern this clause. Customer unconditionally agrees that in case of dispute between parties, that Jurisdiction shall be in the State and County of the headquarters of the Manufacturer.


Headings used in this warranty are provided for convenience only and shall not be used to construe meaning or intent.

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