Floor Polishing Pads

Floor Polishing Pads-Buffing Pads, Floor Cleaning Pads, Concrete Polishing Pads


The Diamond Tool Store offers a comprehensive line of floor grinding pads and floor polishing pads along with floor grinders for the grinding and polishing of marble, granite, concrete, terrazzo and other types of stone floor.  We offer floor polishing pads, burnisher pads, buffing pads, floor buffing pads, burnishing pads, floor diamond polishing pads, floor cleaning pads, stripping pads, and more.

Among the products in our ever increasing inventory you will find the HTC Professional Floor Systems products, HTC twister diamond impregnated floor pads, metal bonded diamonds for grinding, resin bonded diamonds for grinding and polishing, scarifiers, double disk grinders, 10 and 20 segmented heads for grinding, and the full line of MK Diamond and Barranca Diamond floor grinding pads and floor polishing pads.

Getting a good final finish on stone or concrete floors requires high-quality, long lasting, floor polishing pads. However, an important part of job efficiency is making sure you have the machine for the job. Diamond Tool Store also carries floor grinders, floor buffers, and hand polishers (or air polishers for those harder to reach and edge sections).

At Diamond Tool Store, we know how satisfying it is to see a perfectly ground and polished floor, and to help you get there, we are constantly expanding our floor polishing pad and floor grinding pad inventory. So, if you don't see something you're interested on this page please call 1-800-342-3876 and speak with one of our diamond tool professionals.


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