The ASL Industrial 1103SV Vacuum Cleaner is a powerful 110V vacuum with 3 motors inside.

A unique feature of this vacuum is the easy dump feature, in which the body rotates for easy disposal. This also includes a rear drain hose. Additionally, the 1103SV features a float safety switch which automatically shuts off the motor when the slurry foam within rises too high, thus protecting the motor.
There are no circuit boards with this model and it has simple operation settings. As a 110V, the 1103SV is able to plug directly into standard wall sockets, which simplifies finding an adequate power source.

Model 1103SV
Voltage 110V
Current 20A
Power 3 Motors
Water Lift 110 Inches
CFM 353
Weight 90 lbs (40 kg)
Tank Capacity 17.5 Gallons
HEPA Filter Not Included