ICS 536-E AC Power Cutter brings the performance you have come to expect with the convenience of 220V AC power.

No additional power box needed for easy grab and go use with no fumes indoors or out. With a 4.8 hp motor to power your team through the toughest of jobs, squaring corners, no over cuts, deep cutting. Designed for use with concrete, stone, masonry, ductile iron and more. .

Available for the 10-inch (25 cm), 12-inch (30 cm), or 14-inch (35cm) FORCE3 guidebars and diamond chains. With the quick switch of a drive sprocket and guidebar it will also operate the 12-inch FORCE4 and PowerGrit series diamond chains.

Output Power: 4.8 hp
Input Voltage: 220 - 240 VAC Single Phase, 60Hz
Rated Current: 16 A
Recommended Min Generator: 5 kVA
No load speed 8500 rpm

Recommended extension cord sizes:
0 - 50ft / 0 - 15m | 12AWG / 4mm2
50 - 100 ft / 15- 30m | 10 AWG / 6 mm2
100 - 200 ft / 30 - 60m | 8 AWG / 10 mm2

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