Rebar is commonly used in construction projects such as buildings, bridges, tunnels, and highways, and is typically made from carbon steel with a ridged surface that helps to anchor it firmly into the concrete.

Sell Sheet

Features and Benefits

  • V-Rod is 2-1/2 times stronger than Grad 60 steel
  • V-Rod in most cases because of the tensile strength can be can be reduced, example if the job calls for #5 steel rebar, we can reduce to #4 GFRP
  • V-Rod offers engineering at no extra cost (Convert your steel job to GFRP)
  • V-Rod in most cases your able to reduce your concrete coverage by 10% (the extra coverage is only to protect the steel)
  • V-Rod is 35% fast to install because it weighs a fraction of steel.
  • V-Rod is products is manufactured with Fiberglass and Resin, it is not a volatile in the market like steel pricing
  • V-Rod offers a 150 year life on our products or more
  • V-Rod if you take out the steel you can also use seawater in the concrete mix.  (Fresh water not needed)
  • V-Rod one truckload of V-Rod equals 6 trucks of steel (save money on transportation)

Bend Chart


Bending Guidlines


Pricing for bulk orders and partial orders are available. 

20' lengths are standard but longer lengths can be customized


V-ROD is the reinforcing solution of the future. Trust in this sustainable rebar is shown by its qualification and presence in the main construction codes, as well as its adoption in the standards of authorities of many Canadian provinces, American states, and metropolitan cities around the world.