Aardwolf Pivot Forklift Boom PFB1-2600

The Pivot Boom model PFB1-2600 is adjustable for height and length. The tilt facility allows extra height to compensate for the hook and sling length lost when lifting with a jib attachment.


  • The boom extension is designed so that it cannot be pulled all the way out
  • The boom is firmly secured onto fork blades by two bolts located at the back of each fork pocket and restraint pins


Manual telescope 1500 - 2600 59 - 102.4
Increment 2 - 550 0.07 - 21.7
Slip onto fork designed with fork pockets 154x58 6.1x2.3
Fork pockets 366 14.4
Working load limit Retracted: 1500
Extended: 500
Net weight 150.5 332
Gross weight 151 333
Packaging dimension 1750x620x580 68.9x24.4x22.8

Note: Boom lift capacities depend completely on the capacity of the forklift being used