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Aardwolf Scissor Grab Lifter

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Aardwolf Scissor Grab Lifter ideal for handling round materials such as steel bars, tubes, and pipes

The Aardwolf Scissor Grab Lifter is used for moving pipe. This crazy looking lifter uses its arm to grab stone like an octopus uses its tentacles to grab its prey. This lifter may be unconventional looking but it efficiently gets the job done.

Faster, smarter, efficient, flexible and fully automatic, Aardwolf bar and pipe lifters are designed to safely lift steel bars and tubes. The Scissor Grab Lifter is equipped with an auto locking latch mechanism, thus no hydraulic power supply and no slings or chains are required. The operator is able to use the Scissor Grab Lifter to grab, lift, and move pipe without assistance.

The scissor grab is ideal for handling round materials such as steel bars, tubes and pipes.


Model Grip Range Clamp Weight Weight Capacity Warranty Dimensions Pipe Length
SGL 150 180 - 200mm 8 kg 150 kg 24 Months 420 x 190 x 370 1000mm
SGL 150 7.1" - 7.9" 17.6 lbs 331 lbs 24 Months 16.5 x 7.5 x 14.6 39.4"