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Abaco One Stop A-Frame - OSA 4932/8432

Original price $2,248.00 - Original price $2,750.00
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$2,248.00 - $2,750.00
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Abaco One Stop A-Frame - OSA 4932/8432 for storing and transporting glass, stone, and other material

- The frame is designed for the purposes of transporting and storing stone slabs or glass sheets within factory or job sites.

- The material will be securely protected by rubber straps with four rubber-lined securing bars.

- The bars connecting A-Frames are optimally placed on the frame which adds more stability. The frame features 2 eyelets to be picked up by an overhead crane.

- The frame has built-in brackets of all underneath sides for forklift transport.

- Removable 350 mm-casters suits different transport surfaces such as factory, construction sites. For ease of transport, the controllable pulling handle are attached to direct the casters.