The PDA series Aluminum Plate Dolly is manufactured from heavy-duty raised diamond tread plate for strength and extra grip.

  • Manufactured from aluminum for lightweight heavy-duty applications
  • Raised diamond tread plate provides extra grip
  • Casters are bolted on for quick and easy assembly
  • Includes four cast steel swivel casters for heavy-duty maneuverability

All measurements are approximate. Slight variations, tolerances or changes may occur at any time. Weights shown are approximate shipping weights.

Aluminum Plate Dollies
Model Caster
Handle Wt.
PDA-1627-C-S Cast Steel Swivel 2,800 No 82
PDA-2436-C-S Cast Steel Swivel 2,800 No 90
PDA-1627-R-S Rubber Swivel 1,200 No 65
PDA-2436-R-S Rubber Swivel 1,200 No 82
PDA-1627-C-S-H Cast Steel Swivel 2,800 Yes 82
PDA-2436-C-S-H Cast Steel Swivel 2,800 Yes 90
PDA-1627-R-S-H Rubber Swivel 1,200 Yes 65
PDA-2436-R-S-H Rubber Swivel 1,200 Yes 82