AVLP2-500-PRO Vacuum Lifter for lifting and moving all types of stone slabs.


Number of pad -
Pad size 20.5"X12.6"
Working load limit 551
Net weight 157
Gross weight 240
Packaging dimension
Vertical: 250
Horizontal: 500
1480X430X900 58.3"X16.9"X35.4"

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Code battery: GBA 12V 2.0Ah Bosch
Type battery: Lithium-ION
Voltage: 12V
Current: 2.0Ah
Quantity: 1

Battery charger: GAL 12V-40 Bosch
Input supply voltage: 220-240VAC
Output voltage: 12V
Output current: 4.0Ah
Quantity: 1
• Battery information for the device • Battery charger for lifter:

Continuous operation time with
mode saving pressure: 2 hours
Working time with mode saving
pressure: 6 hours
Continuous operation time with
mode audio alarm only: 120 hours
Working time with mode audio
alarm only: 360 hours

Weight: 460 gram
Fully charger time: 0.5 hour

Air consumption 180 liters/minute
Supply air pressure 5 bars (72 psi)

At the time of delivery, it is necessary to check that the Vacuum Lifter has
not been damaged during shipment. Any claims must be presented within
8 days of the date of delivery of the product. We grant you 12 months
warranty on the Aardwolf Vacuum Lifter countered from the day of purchase.
The warranty coverage is not applicable when:
• The lifter is handled incorrectly during maneuvering.
• The operator fails to comply with the instructions in this booklet.
• The lifter’s maximum permissible capacity is exceeded.
• The specications for pipe size are not followed.
• Damages are due to inadequate maintenance and inspections.
• Damage is due to improper storage.
• Repairs were performed by the user without our permission.
• Non-original spare parts were used.
NOTE: It is the responsibility of the user to adapt to state or local laws. The
end-user is responsible to use the equipment safely in a manner that it is
designed for and within the rated capacity of the unit.

The vacuum lifter AVLP2-500-PRO is not used as intended if:

• The dened maximum load is exceeded.
• The position of the vacuum surfaces to the lifting goods is changed.
• The load is pulled diagonally (see Figure 05 on page 6).
• The loads break away, are pulled or dragged.
• The lifting good is dropped before the load is unloaded.
• Persons are transported.
• Loads are transported when personnel are underneath.
• Standing under suspended loads (see Figure 06 on page 7).
Excessive loads are transported.
• Loads are not observed constantly.
• Allowing the load to fall due to a slack chain.
• The lifter is used at temperatures below -15°C or above + 50°C.
• The lifter is used in an potentially explosive environment.