Backer-Lite's uncoupling membrane absorbs stress from weather, settling foundations, and daily use.

Its superior design requires only one thinset pass, saving time and materials. Without it, tiles crack, but with the waterproof membrane, your investment stays beautiful for years. Once the subfloor is ready, tiles can be laid immediately. For renovations and new construction, Backer-Lite offers reliable, quick installation. Flooring use only.

Features and Specifications

Backer-lite Layer Structure

  1. Textured mesh — optimum tensile adhesive strength.
  2. Optimized dimpled geometry — less adhesive consumption.
  3. Woven special polypropylene underfleece — higher fleece stability for better adhesion to the laying substrate.

Backer-lite is versatile and advantageous for installers. Its lightweight design facilitates transport, and waterproof build suits wet areas. The top mesh layer ensures strong adhesion on diverse substrates. Its adaptability and user-friendly design make it perfect for various installation projects.

  • One pass design – no need to waste time with multiple passes of thinset
  • Lightweight alternative to ¼” Backer Board
  • Faster, cleaner installation compared to standard cement
  • Provides uncoupling & waterproofing to prevent cracked tile & grout or growth of mildew
  • Can be used over plywood, OSB, concrete, gypsum, heated floors, etc.
MATERIAL Dimpled sheeting = PE, Backing fabric = PE, Mesh fabric = PE
HEIGHT 3.8mm (⅛”)
WIDTH 100cm (39”)
ROLL 5, 10, 30 sqm (54, 108, 323 sqft)
SPECIAL PRODUCT PROPERTIES Resistant to chemicals, rotting, fungi, and bacteria
Stress classifications: A, A0, B0

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