Over 3000 lbs of Compaction Force - Perfect for General Compaction Applications

The BCF1570 Forward Plate is Bartell's most popular compactor because of its versatility and quality. This unit is great for many different compactions applications, and because of the built-in water tank, it can be used on asphalt.

Bartell forward plates are innovative, hard hitting, and low maintenance.

Forward Compactor Features

  • Robust throttle controls - Why should you have to bend over and run next to your machine to make it stop? You'll find conveniently mounted throttle controls standard on every piece of compaction in our lineup
  • Retractable Wheel kits - make it much easier to move your equipment to the site. Flip them down and roll. They simply lock up when you don't need them
  • Lifting bales - Maybe your work site is far off the beaten path? Every plate has a robust lifting bale to make it easier to move your equipment when a wheel kit won't do
  • Close to the Edge - Need to compact close to an edge? You can get right up against it with our straight-edge plate design
  • Sealed belt guards - Sometimes a single rock is all it takes to throw a belt. Our new sealed cover design keeps rocks out and still cools properly
  • Water tanks - The BCF1570 comes with water tanks standard.


Honda GX160

Performance HP (kW)

4.8 (3.6)


44" (1100mm)


20" (500mm)


33" (825mm)

Plate Size

20" x 21" (500 x 525m)

Centrifugal Force

3461 lbf, 15 kN, 1570 kgf

Travel Speed

60-82 ft/min, 20-25 m/min