Bonastre Pro Pads combined with Munich Resins are eco friendly diamonds for surface restoration Marble, Travertine, Terrazzo, Limestone, and Polished Concrete

When the surface presents severe damages such as deep scratches, scratches and stains, it is time to use Bonastre Pro, using only water these diamonds manage to restore the surface without risk of damaging it and in a very easy way, to complete the polishing process we recommend using the yellow and green pad, the results will surprise you.

High quality resin diamonds that will surprise you for the amazing results you’ll get. Restore and polish with only water.  Bonastre Pro it’s an easy and fast polishing system for marble, travertine, limestone, concrete & terrazzo, without the risk of damaging the floor, achieving a “like a mirror” finish, just like a professional polisher.


  • No chemicals needed, only water, polish without scratching
  • Restore a wear floor into a brand new one
  • No dust or odors, no specialized equipment required
  • Use any floor polisher or floor scrubber (up to 400 RPM)
  • Everyone can obtain amazing results, no prior polishing experience needed.


  • Black resins:Remove deep scratches, etch marks, heavy wear and surface stains etched areas
  • Red resins: Remove acid etches, light scratches and wear. Start with the red diamond resin when there are no deep scratches on the surface.
  • Brown resins:Use it to prepare the surface for the perfect high-gloss shine. Leaves a satin finish
  • Yellow Bonastre pad:Prepare the surface for a super shine.
  • Green Bonastre Pad:For a super polished marble, anti-skid, intense and with natural finish

Where can Bonastre Pro be used?

  • Marble
  • Travertine
  • Terrazzo
  • Limestone
  • Polished Concrete

Grits available: 

Pro 00- Blue- most aggressive grit for deep scratches and heaviest wear
Pro 0 - Black - Heavy wear and scratch removal
Pro 1 - Red - Hone finish
Pro 2 - Brown - Satin finish
Pro 3 - Yellow - Gloss finish
Pro 4 - Gray - High gloss finish