CastorCrete® TC

CastorCrete® TC is a flowable polyurethane coating installed 10 to 20 mils as a topcoat for various CastorCrete systems. It is very resistant to impact and abrasion, and is unaffected by animal fats and most solvents.

CastorCrete® TC has a co-efficient of thermal expansion similar to concrete that allows it to maintain adhesion when subjected to the thermal shock of hot water.  It can be used at constant service temperatures up to 200°F.  CastorCrete® TC can be purchased with an anti-microbial additive to inhibit the growth of bacteria and micro-organisms.

CastorCrete® TC is a quick turnaround flooring solution for businesses that must minimize down time.  It is usually installed without a primer or topcoat and can be returned to service 12-24 hours after installation.

CastorCrete® TC is available in two formulations: regular and fast cure.  The regular cure provides more work time than the fast cure material and makes the installation much easier at temperatures above 70°F.  

Due to its unique combination of performance properties, CastorCrete® TC has become the topcoat of choice for the demanding service conditions found in food and beverage processing industries.  Other areas of use include commercial kitchens, chemical processing, pulp and paper plants, and wastewater treatment facilities.

Colors & Finishes

  • Available in 8 Colors


  • Kit Size: 1.75 Gallons