CHD Chain Trenchers are designed for set-section trenching on soft soils.

The discharge screw on the righthand side and the trench clearing device makes sure the trench is kept clean, while the slide provides maximum stability at any trenching depth.

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  • Head Start Crumber System
  • Highly Visible Foot Can Be Seen From The Cab
  • Adjustable Skid Foot: 3 Preset Digging Depths

Max trench depth 900 mm 35 inch
Trench width 100 mm 4 inch
Recommended excavator weight (1) 1-2,5 ton 2200-5510 lbs
Recommended skid steer loader (1) standard flow  


Max. trench depth 600/750/900 mm 24/30/35 inch
Trench width 100/150/200 mm 4/6/8 inch
Operating weight Excavator (1) (2) 2,5 - 4,5 ton 5500-9900 lbs
SSL standard flow

CHD 120S

Max. trench depth 1200 mm 47 inch
Trench width 150 mm 6 inch
Recommended excavator weight (1) 4,5-8 ton 9900-17600 lbs
Recommended skid steer loader (1) standard flow  


(1) User is responsible for ensuring that the equipment meets the excavator’s specifications and weight requirements.

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