Core Bit Package for coring several types of stone

Package Includes:

1.  Thin Wall Core Bit for Porcelain - 1-3/8" 

Thin Wall Core Drill Bit for smooth chip free coring of porcelain, natural stone, engineered stone, granite, and more

2.  Diaplus Dry Core Bit - 1-3/8"

Diaplus Dry Core Bit or Hole Saw for coring or making holes in granite and other types of stone

3.  Diamond Core Drill Bit for Granite - Wet - 1/3/8"

Wet Diamond Core Bits for drilling granite and stone

4. Core Bit Rubber Ring - Small

Rubber Suction Rings create a dam of water within the core bits work area.

5.  Core Bit Extension - 6 Inches