Move small loads from one place to another without the need for oversized fork truck equipment.

Counterbalance design allows the operator complete access to three sides of the load. The open front enables the forks to be next to workstation for easy loading and unloading Includes counterbalance. Forks measure 3" wide by 25-1/2" long. Units rolls smoothly on 6" x 2" swivel with brake, glass filled nylon rear casters. Handle height is 40-13/16". Hand control on coil cord standard. DC powered units include one (1) 12V battery, an on-board charger and battery charge indicator gauge. Optional rotary air/oil power available, contact factory.

All measurements are approximate. Slight variations, tolerances or changes may occur at any time. Weights shown are approximate shipping weights.
Counter-Balanced Stackers
Model Image PDF's Capacity
Fork Size
Operation Service
Overall Size
CBS-56-1-DC icon_approvaldrawings.jpgWarranty PDF 1,000 3"x25-1/2" 12V DC 1-1/4"to 56" 27-1/2"x 62-13/16"x71-7/8" 1301
CBS-56-1-AC icon_approvaldrawings.jpgWarranty PDF 1,000 3"x25-1/2" 115V AC 1-1/4"to 56" 27-1/2"x 62-13/16"x 71-7/8" 1324
CBS-76-1-DC - icon_approvaldrawings.jpgWarranty PDFCompliance Certificate 1,000 3"x25-1/2" 12V DC 1-1/4 to 76" 27-1/2"x 62-13/16"x 91-7/8" 1377
CBS-76-1-AC icon_approvaldrawings.jpgWarranty PDFCompliance Certificate 1,000 3"x25-1/2" 115V AC 1-1/4to 76" 27-1/2"x 62-13/16"x 91-7/8" 1437

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