Weha 12" Counter Top Support Bracket. 12" x 2-1/2" x 1/4". Set of 3 plus 12 2" Screws. For Granite, Marble, Quartz, Quartzite, Engineered Stone, Concrete Countertops

Weha 12" Counter Top Support Brackets are made to replace Corbels on granite, marble, quartz, quartzite counter top overhangs and kitchen islands. While other manufacturers make 13" Counter Top Support Braces, the 12" Counter Top Bracket allows more versatility and backs off the edge another 1". This allows plenty of stone support but far enough away from the edge for the homeowner to not touch. Sometimes the 13" gets too close to the edge.

Made to be placed between 18"-24" apart, most installations require 3. So Weha has conveniently packed the 12" counter top support braces in packs of 3. Additionally 12 2" wood screws also come with the set of 3. This gives 4 screws per counter top brace bracket. Each set of 3 braces are shrink wrapped with the screws. This allows the installer to grab a set and take it to the install without scratching the braces or the braces sliding around in the truck, and not having to remember to grab the screws. Simply take into the kitchen, open the pack, and everything is provided for a quick, scratch free install.

Each 12" Counter Top Support Brace bracket comes with 6 countersink holes. The provided screws will finish flush with the support brace. Each 12" Counter Top Support Brace Bracket is powder coated gloss black for a high end black polished finish.
One edge of the counter top brace is flat and the other end is back beveled with slightly rounded corners. There are no sharp edges for the homeowner to scratch or cut themselves. And the bevel provides a nice touch transition from the bracket to the stone.

Weha also decided to go with a full 1/4" thick counter top brace bracket. The 3/16" brackets are just too flimsy and allows too much flex in the brace. However, the 1/4" thick counter top bracket provides a solid stiff bracket that will fully support the overhang without flexing.

Weha produces the Counter Top Support Bracket at 2 1/2" wide. This width gives plenty of structural support. And when placed at seams it gives a full 1 1/4" wide support on each piece of stone.

Weha Counter Top Support Brackets can be used with granite, marble, engineered stone, quartz, quartzite, concrete, and all substrates.

All Weha Counter Top Support Brackets provide the correct and proper support needed for granite and stone overhangs.

The 12" Counter Top Support Brackets come:
3 per set
8 sets per box (total of 24 bars plus 96 screws)