The battery operated electric lifter and tilter is designed to give the user an ergonomically correct position to reach loads easily without the need for bending down or excessively reaching over

Lift, tilt and transport crates, boxes, and pallets with an open bottom. Forks can be tilted to 90 degrees. Rolls smoothly on 6" x 2" nylon swivel casters with brake and foot protectors. Width between forks is 9-1/2". The overall fork width is 22". The individual fork width is 6-1/4". Handle can be turned and locked in position away for the work area. Features include hand control for the tilt and emergency on/off switch. 12V battery and external battery charger included. The stainless steel constructed version provides strength and durability throughout a lifetime of daily use.

  • Powered for efficient mobility
  • Stainless steel constructed model for a smooth finish and cleanliness
  • Tilt angle allows for better ergonomic access
  • Ergonomic push handle folds down when not needed for better access
    DC Powered Tilt Master
    Model Image PDF's Fork
    Capacity (lbs)
    Lift Height
    Fork Height
    TM-22-DC icon_approvaldrawings.jpg tilt_m4.jpg 31-1/2" 2,200 11-1/4" 3-1/2" 435
    Stainless Steel Tilt Master
    TM-22-DC-SS tilt_m4.jpg 31-1/2" 2,200 59-1/2" 3-1/2" 455

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