Dia Plus Electroplated Cutting Blade with Side Protection for optimal chip free cutting of marble, tile, limestone, and even glass

Dia Plus Electroplated Marble Blades with side protection is one of the best blades in the industry. These electroplated blades are so good and use diamonds so fine not only are they the best blade for cutting marble, but they can even be used to cut some glass. The design of the blade places diamonds on the edge as well as the actual blade, which makes it work great throughout the entire cutting process. The electroplated side protection not only optimizes cutting but has the capability to do some grinding and shaving. Single and Double side protection are both avialable.

The ideal blade for chip free cutting on marble with increased cutting speed and saving raw materal

Features quad mount adaptor holes

  • Side protection allows for precise and clean cuts
  • Available in 5" and 6"
  • For custom sizes, please inquire

Dia Plus Marble Blade With Double Side Protection - Small Blade For Soft Stones

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