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 Elkay MAXISEAL is a "ready to use" sealer and steps for correct usage are as follows

  • The surface on which the product will be applied must be dry and free of any absorbant varnish.

  • Apply 1 coat of the product liberally to the surface with a brush or roller. 

  • Wait for the stone to absorb. 

  • After the product is well absorbed by the stone, apply the second coat.

  • Rub the material on the stone with the help of dry clean cloth, so that the material does not leave any stain on the surface. 

  • To prolong the life of the protection, it is highly recommended to repeat once every 2 years as a single coat.

  • ELKAY MAXISEAL is a solvent based natural look deep penetrating sealer with oil and water repellent agents. 

  • Does not alter original colour and appearance.

  • Creates an invisible barrier on the applied surface while allowing the surface to breathe.

  • Hampers the absorption of common watery and oily stains.

  • Provides easy cleaning and facilitates daily maintenance. 

  • Offers long lasting, renewable protection.

  • Thanks to its high UV resistance, it prevents color fading caused and yellowing.

  • It protects the surface against moss, mold and efflorescence.