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ELKAY MAXIWET is a solvent based wet look effect sealer for rough finished surfaces with water repellent agents.

It enhances the color of the stone.

It hampers the absorption of common water and watery stains.

Ideal for protecting tumbled marble, travertine, bathroom tops, kitchen counters, slates, sand and limestone.

Thanks to its high UV resistance, it prevents color fading caused and yellowing.

It protects the surface against moss, mold and efflorescence.

Elkay MAXIWET is a "ready to use" sealer and steps for correct usage are as follows; 

The surface on which the product will be applied must be dry and free of any absorbant varnish.

Apply 1 coat of the product liberally to the surface with a brush or roller. 

Wait for the stone to absorb. Rub the material on the stone with the help of dry clean cloth, so that the material does not leave any stain on the surface. 

Wait for 8 hours for the product to be absorbed. 

After the product is well absorbed by the stone, apply the second coat. 

To increase the "wet look effect" increase the number of application. 

The surface will be ready to be walked on after 8 hours of the latest application.