Marble Polishing Package including Diamond Polishing Pads, Polish, and Crystalizer

Marble Polishing Package Sale Includes:

  1. Dia Plus Floor Pads
  2. Stone Pro Easy Marble Polish 
  3. Prime Grind M Crytallizer
  4. Steel Wool - Thick #1 - Box of 12
  5. Tape & Drape - 72 Ft - Case of 12

    1. Pink Floor Polishing Pads - Diamond coated pads for polishing terrazzo, marble, concrete, stone, and general purpose - Set of (8) 17 Inch (50 grit - 10,000 grit)(50,100, 200, 400, 800, 1,500, 3,000, 10,0000)

    2. EMP Easy Marble Polish excellent for polishing and restoring marble and travertine - works on floors, countertops, and walls - 3 lbs

    Stone Pro's EMP stands for Easy Marble Polish. Excellent for polishing marble, travertine, all calcite based stone, and terrazzo. This is great for cleaning marble, marble polishing, and marble restoration. Can be used on floors, countertops and walls. For use with hogs hair pads.

    3.  Prime M Crystallizer - Gallon 

    The Prime Grind System is a premium marble and terrazzo restoration system that focuses on leveling, deep cutting and grinding techniques to restore a wide range of stone surfaces. Designed for use by restoration contractors and other specially trained professionals.

    4.  Steel Wool - 17 Inch - Thick Case of 12

    Jumbo Floor Pads cling easily to existing disc-type rotary floor machines, so you do not need expensive adaptors.

    5.  Tape & Drape - 72 Ft - 12 Pack 

    • Pre-taped masking film for quick masking
    • Medium tack tape works up to 14 days