GP500 Grinder for grinder concrete floor and coatings.

Width: 22.8" 

Height: 48"

Length: 50"

Cleaning Path: 23"

Weight: 449.7 lb

Grinding Pressure w/weights: 440 lb

Tooling RPM: 390-585 RPM

Motor Phase: Single

Frequency: 60 Hz

HP: 7.5

Voltage: 220

Amps: 40


A. Magnetic LED light to illuminate front of machine or your cleaning path 

B. Easy disassembly of machine into two sections for easy transportation 

C. Grinding head = 118 kg, Handle = 59 kg, Two pocket weights = 13.6 kg each 

D. Carrying poles for two- or three-person lifting 

E. 30 L water tank 

F. On-board USB charger and phone carrier