HAWK BPB25A Axial 3320 CFM Air Mover for Dry Floors, Circulate and Exhaust Air

The Hawk BPB25A Axial moves air efficiently with less power and effort then other models. A built-in GFCI auxillary outlet reduces risk of electric shock in wet areas. The BPB25A shoots a beam of air 50 feet ahead. An optional mounting stand locks onto the chassis and allows for 360 degree rotation to move air in any direction.
Engineered Design
• 2-Speed, 1/4 HP motor. A sealed motor design
prevents moisture from entering and damaging
internal motor components.
• 25 ft. 14 AWG foot power cord
• Axial design is efficient and produces up to
3320 CFM
• Metal air intake screen prevents objects from
entering and damaging blades or motor
• Two 12 Amp GFCI grounded auxiliary power outlets
on the side-mounted control panel. GFCI reduces the
risk of electric shock in wet areas and is required by
insurance companies paying for water flood
cleanup claims.
• "Daisy chain" in-line connection of up to 5 units for
more effective air flow
• 2-speed toggle switch with LED light on/off indicator
• Hour meter on control panel tracks hours of operation
• Strong rotomolded chassis has profile that allows for
vertical stacking of up to 5 units for storage
• An optional folding metal frame with quick release
locking knob allows easy adjustment for 360 degree
airflow direction
• Sound level 78 dB
• C-ETL US listed