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HTC EZ Grind Series

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HTC EZ Grind Series | Concrete Grinding and Polishing Tools

The tool for everything from coarse grinding to polishing

HTC's completely new tools for grinding of natural stone, terrazzo and concrete. Suitable for edge grinding and preparation of surfaces difficult to reach. Can be used for both dry and wet grinding.

  • 5 Inches
  • The ultimate edge tool from heavy surface removal to polishing
  • Can be used for both dry and wet grinding
  • Long life & outstanding performance
EZgrind Grey 40 -A very coarse tool used when the surface is rough and needs to be levelled or extreme surface removal is desired.
EZgrind Brown 60 -Can be used as the first step if the surface is level and smooth or if less surface removal is desired.
EZgrind Black 100 -Produces a slightly finer finish than previous step.
EZgrind Blue 200 -Produces a fine finish. Remove larger scores from previous step.
EZgrind Red 400 -Produces a very fine finish as a preparation for final polishing.
EZgrind White 800 -Used for fine polishing.
EZgrind Yellow 1500-Used for fine polishing.
EZgrind Green 3000 -Used for fine polishing.