Husqvarna PP 490 Power Pack

With Husqvarna PP 490 electric power pack you can power your large wall sawing system Husqvarna WS 482 HF, including the wire saw Husqvarna CS 10, as well as your Husqvarna PRIME™ handheld power cutters and drill motor. This means more work done with less equipment.


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Flexible and efficient

Thanks to that multiple products can use the same power pack, you will increase your efficiency. You will need less machines at the job site and it will be faster to set up all machines on one power pack.

Compatible with the PRIME product range

PP 490 is designed to be used with K 6500, K 6500 Ring, K 6500 Chain and DM 650 in addition to WS 482 HF in order to help you on site. For instance when cutting a door opening, this modular system can handle both wall saw cuts and over cuts.

Adaptive regulation of software

A smart regulation of PP 490 gives WS 482 HF a fast adaptation of behaviour to different materials during cutting, similar to WS 220's behaviour.

Minimum slurry

Automatic water valve minimizes the soiling of water and slurry.

A powerful high frequency power pack

A powerful high frequency power pack providing fast and accurate adjustment for each operating condition.

Power pack unit separated from the cutting equipment

Power pack unit separated from the cutting equipment - less exposure to dirt and vibrations.