Hyper Gloss Denseal 100+ | Concrete Densifier | Densifier for Concrete
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Hyper Gloss Denseal 100+

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Size: Gallon
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One step hardener and pore filler

Dries quickly and utilizes ground cement to create a completely smooth and color matched surface.

  • Unique formulation fills out surface pores/pits and small cracks and rapidly increases the removal of tool marks.
  • Leaves the concrete surface smooth, tight and sealed by 400 grit resin pass. Reducing number of passes required

Hypergloss Denseal Liquid Concrete Sealer


Denseal is a unique blend of silicates & surfactants providing superior results that penetrate concrete surfaces that chemically react to increase surface density durability & abrasion resistance.

Intended Use:

Interior & Exterior
Extend the useful life of Concrete
Low Cost Concrete Treatment
Reduce Permeability
& Increase Hardness Abrasion & Scuff Resistance
Optimizes Gloss

Product Features:

Improves Chemical Resistance
Penetrates to provide long term performance
Once dry insoluble
Forms a stable<High Ratio>, <Low Viscosity> solution Improved Coefficient of Friction

Physical Properties:

•FlashPoint....................... None

•Viscosity......................... 34 CP
Color................................ Clear
• TypeofSolids................... Silicates Proprietary

Limitations of Use:

Commercial use only

Surface Preparation:

Should not be applied to any surface that has already been treated with compounds that might prevent penetration of the silicate <e.g paint,oil,>or that interfere with the conversion of free lime. Before any concrete is treated the surface must be cleaned.

Remove all loose soil and debris with a broom or dust mop. Apply 150 degreaser at 8oz to gallon scrub thoroughly & rinse with clear water. It is recommended to repeat these steps to insure all contaminants are removed from the surface. For best penetration it is recommended to wait 24 hours for the surface to dry.

Mixing Instructions:

Ready to use

Application Instructions:

For diamond polishing after 200 grit apply Hypergloss Denseal with pump sprayer or pour directly on the surface and spread evenly with a flat microfiber pad. Apply at the rate 250 Gallon per sq ft when dry proceed to polish with 400 grit diamonds and repeat the application of Hypergloss Denseal when dry polish with 800 grit diamonds. You may choose to continue polishing to 3000 grit however it is not necessary.


Containers must be sealed. Store in cool dry place above 40 F away from water, heat & open flames. If product freezes it cannot be used. Provide adequate ventilation. Disposal according to local regulations


voe Less than 25gm/L Chemical Resistance:



Please refer to the appropriate safety data sheet prior to using this product.

For technical assistance call customer service at 1.800.467.0242

Other Notes: Keep containers closed when not in use and upright to prevent leaking DO NOT take internally. Wash hands after using and before eating. Keep Out of Reach of Children

Hazardous chemicals must be shipped via UPS Ground. All other shipping options will be removed from check out if added to cart. If you need expedited services for non-hazardous products, please make a separate transaction.

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