Kenco Double Barrier Lifter

Made In USA

The Double Barrier lifter was designed to meet a need of increasing productivity by lifting two jersey barrier wall at one time. Up until 2017, this was not possible with a normal jersey lift. The new design allows for two walls to be lifted with the use of a single actuator system. The jersey barrier lifting device is placed over the joint where the two walls meet. Lifting up causes the scissor action to grip the walls securely. Once placed, the tension in the jersey lift is relieved on the rigging and the tongs remain in the locked open position until set onto the next set of walls.

  • Custom units can also be designed for your wall if they do not meet the criteria for the standard model

Kenco below the hook lifting products are designed, manufactured and tested in compliance with the latest revisions of the ASME B30.20 and BTH-1 standards and are accepted by OSHA, CanOSHs, as well as virtually all other world wide standards.

Every lifting device is hand tested by our engineering staff before it leaves our facility.