The Low-profile Chip Dump Cart with Rockers has  designed to capture or contain loose or scrap materials, such as parts, metal shavings, or wood chips for manual dumping.

The low-profile dimensions of this cart is designed to fit under conveyors or production machinery with a low tapered side (only 25.85" high) to recover parts or waste after production. This cart is made of of 14 gauge steel for strength and durability. For ease of mobility, this cart features a 1.25"" diameter handle and 2 Rigid and 1 Swivel 8" High-performance Elastomer Casters.

Usable Dimensions: 38.5”L X 24”W X 18”H
Overall Dimensions: 58.5”L X 26.63”W X 36.5”H
Minimum Cart Lip Height: 25.85”
Maximum Cart Lip Height: 28.82”

Product images shown are for illustration purposes only and may vary from actual products.
*Note: Always distribute load evenly. When uniform weight capacity is calculated for any product, the capacity is based on the weight being uniformly distributed over the entire usable area. For those products with casters or wheels, the maximum weight capacity is the lowest weight capacity of either the product or the set of casters/wheels.