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Manual Rotator/Power Tilter 2000 (DC)

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Please note: Wood's Powr-Grip products are made to order and have an expected lead time of 5-6 weeks. Please contact us at +1 (800) 342-3876 for additional information.

Manual Rotator/Power Tilter 2000 DC is a 12 pad vacuum lifter equipped to tilt, rotate, lift, and handle large objects with a weight capacity of over 2,000 pounds!

Made to Order Lifting and Handling Equipment for stone and heavy material

Large capacity meets ease of handling in this Powr-Grip® vacuum lifter, equipped with powered 90° tilt and continuous 360° rotation.

Standard Pad Spread:
40" x 93" [102 x 236 cm]

Number / Size of Vacuum Pads:
12 / 11" [28 cm] diameter, lipped pads

Maximum Load Capacity:
2000 lbs [905 kg]

Weight of Lifter:
500 lbs [227 kg]

Standard Operating Power:
12 volts DC, 32 amps

Apply / Release Times:
3 seconds / 5 seconds (approx)

Load Movement:
Manual rotation, 360° edgewise, with locking at each quarter point
Power tilt, 90° between upright and flat

Time for 90° Tilt:
20 seconds (approx)

Tilt Duty:
58 tilts per hour

Standard Features:
On-board battery and charger
Battery energy gauge
Green lift light
Movable control pendant
Vacuum gauge
Vacuum reserve tank
Vacuum line filter
Spring-mounted vacuum pads
Blow-off for quick release

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