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Maintains unpolished natural stone, quarry tile and terracotta.

  • Gives the surface a durable, low sheen, natural finish.
  • Ideal finishing coat over a water-based or solvent-based sealer.
  • Prevents dust from settling and staining natural stone and terracotta.
  • For a satin finish, simply polish the treated surface.

                                    Features & Specifications

                                    • EASY TO REMOVE.
                                    • HIGHLY CONCENTRATED – CAN BE DILUTED ACCORDING TO USE.
                                    • ESSENTIALLY SELF-LEVELING DUE TO ITS CONSISTENCY.

                                                                          IDEAL FOR

                                                                          UNPOLISHED NATURAL STONE, QUARRY TILE, TERRACOTTA

                                                                          HOW TO USE IT

                                                                          Do not use MATT on outdoor surfaces. Surface protection:

                                                                          apply one coat of the product with a clean cloth or lambswool applicator.
                                                                          Wait until the surface is completely dry (about 1-2 hours), then apply a second coat perpendicular to the first.Do not walk on the floor for an hour after the second application.Surfaces treated with MATT can be buffed with a wool cloth or floor polishing machine for a shinier finish.Surface maintenance:Dilute 1:10, then wipe the floor with a long handled brush or cloth.

                                                                            PLEASE NOTE: Wax application is not recommended on outdoor surfaces, in wet environments or any place with standing water. MATT can be removed with PS87.

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